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CAPTAIN TSUBASA 2007 -2nd Edition- (PSX)       [World Soccer Winning Eleven 2002 Hack]

ENGLISH: This is one my most famous work up to date. It's really great to see that lots people are still playing this hack all around the world. Anyway, this is the second version of my Winning Eleven 2002 hack with Captain Tsubasa characters and teams. As you guessed, I put Captain Tsubasa series characters and teams in the game, but don't expect gameplay changes. It includes more teams, characters, a manga all-star mode, a full master league, and lots more. This one also fixes game bugs and errors with the squads.


  • More than 150 characters from Captain Tsubasa anime, manga, and games
  • Tons of real Captain Tsubasa starting elevens
  • About 80 real Captain Tsubasa national teams and clubs
  • Bonus teams with winning trophies
  • A master league mode with real 32 Captain Tsubasa clubs and a mode that allows you to create your dream CT eleven
  • Chance to play a real manga match: Japan vs World All Star!
  • And much more…

Note: This doesn’t change any of the teams that don’t have Captain Tsubasa characters.

CLICK HERE FOR PPF PATCH (Patch the original WE 2002 iso with this

AOKI DENSETSU SHOOT! (NES)                             [Tecmo World Cup Soccer hack]

ENGLISH: I hacked Tecmo World Cup Soccer to Aoki Densetsu Shoot! anime. Teams re-named and kits chosen just like the anime. And tournaments became “Inter High” and “National Cup”. This is the only Aoki Densetsu Shoot! game on the NES, go for it Kakegawa High School!!! Click here to download the patch.

 TÜRKÇE: Düzgün bir Aoki Densetsu Shoot! oyununa kavuşmak nasip olmadı nedense. Ben de Tecmo World Cup Soccer'daki takımları serideki takımlarla değiştirip turnuvayı da liseler arası Inter High olarak ayarladım. Böylece eli ayağı düzgün tek ADS! oyunu da doğmuş oldu. Buradan bir göz atın derim.