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List of RPGs That I Played Thru

Here is the list of RPGs i played thru since 2000. I'll try to update the list as soon as I play new ones. Also i will give them my personal overall ratings out of 10, special awards and shame titles. Here is the list:

Arc The Lad: 7/10
Arc The Lad II: 6,5/10
Beyond The Beyond: 3/10
Breath Of Fire: 7/10
BS Legend of Zelda: 7/10
Castlevania-Aria Of Sorrow: 7,5/10
Castlevania-Circle Of The Moon: 7/10
Castlevania-Curse Of Darkness: 8,5/10
Castlevania-Dawn Of Sorrow: 8/10
Castlevania-Harmony Of Dissonance: 8,5/10
Castlevania-Order Of Ecclesia: 8/10
Castlevania-Portrait Of Ruin: 9/10
Castlevania-Symphony Of The Night: 10/10
Children Of Mana: 6/10
Chocobo's Dungeon II: 8/10
Chocobo's Dungeon-Final Fantasy Fables: 7,5/10
Chrono Trigger: 10/10
Crystalis(NES): 4,5/10
Darkstone: 6/10
Dawn of Mana: 6/10
Deep Labyrinth: 6/10
Demon's Souls: 9/10
Dragon Quest I(SNES): 8,5/10
Dragon Quest II(SNES): 5,5/10
Dragon Quest III(SNES): 7/10
Dragon Quest IV(DS): 7,5/10
Dragon Quest V: 8/10
Dragon Quest VI: 8/10
Dragon Quest VII: 9,5/10
Dragon Quest VIII: 10/10
Dragon Quest IX: 9/10
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime: 6,5/10
Dragon Quest Monsters-Caravan Heart: 7,5/10
Dragon Quest Monsters-Joker: 6,5/10
Dragon Quest Swords (Wii): 7/10
Eternal Ring: 7,5/10
Fighting Fantasy-The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: 7,5/10
Final Fantasy I(PSX): 9,5/10
Final Fantasy II(PSX): 6/10
Final Fantasy II(GBA): 6,5/10
Final Fantasy III(NES): 5,5/10
Final Fantasy III(DS): 6,5/10
Final Fantasy IV(PSX): 6,5/10
Final Fantasy IV-Interlude: 5,5/10
Final Fantasy IV(DS): 7,5/10
Final Fantasy V(PSX): 6,5/10
Final Fantasy VI(PSX/GBA): 8/10
Final Fantasy X: 10/10
Final Fantast Tactics: 10/10
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: 6,5/10
Heroes of Mana: 6,5/10
King's Field I: 9,5/10
King's Field II: 9,5/10
King's Field III: 10/10
King's Field III -Pilot Type-: 8/10
King's Field IV: 10/10
Legend Of Mana: 10/10
Legend Of Zelda-Minish Cap: 9/10
Legend Of Zelda-Phantom Hourglass: 8,5/10
Legend of Zelda-Spirit Tracks: 7,5/10
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete: 8/10
Lunar 2-Eternal Blue Complete: 6/10
Mazes Of Fate: 7,5/10
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer: 8/10
Orcs&Elves: 7/10
Parasite Eve II: 6/10
Persona III: 8,5/10
Shadow Tower: 4/10
Shaodow Tower Abyss: 8/10
Suikoden I: 8,5/10
Suikoden II: 10/10
Suikoden III: 8/10
Suikoden IV: 7,5/10
Suikoden V: 7,5/10
Suikoden Tactics: 7,5/10
Suikoden Tierkries: 5,5/10
Sword Of Mana: 8/10
Tactics Ogre-Let Us Cling Togeter(PSX): 6/10
Torneko-The Last Hope: 6/10
Torneko's Great Adventure-Mysterious Dungeon: 5,5/10
Wizardry-Tale Of The Forsaken Land: 7,5/10

And these are the ones i played for a very long time ago. I can't remember them enough to give proper ratings. So i will play thru them again some time i think:
Breath Of Fire III
Chrono Cross
Pokemon Blue
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Hoshigami:Running Blue Earth
Persona II

And here are the best & worst awards:

Best RPG: Suikoden II
Best Series: King's Field
Best Music: Chrono Trigger
Best Composer: Koichi Sugiyama (Dragon Quest serisi)
Best Storyline: Final Fantasy Tactics
Best Character: Viktor(Suikoden)
Best Battle Engine/System: Final Fantasy X
Special "Life Time Success" Award: Suikoden II

Worst RPG:
Shadow Tower
Most Overrated RPG: Dragon Quest III
Worst Music: Shadow Tower
Worst Storyline: Final Fantasy III
Worst Character: Seymour (FFX)
Worst Battle Engine/System: Final Fantasy II
Special "Life Time Fail" Award: Final Fantasy II