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KING'S FIELD 3 -Pilot Style- (PSX)                             [full English Translation] [SLPM-80029]

This is a totally new, short but sweet prequel game for King's Field 3. It's given away at Tokyo Game Show to promote KF3 for free and ULTRA RARE. The game takes place shortly before the events in KF3 and we play as Silviera who finds out that all soldiers from Garrison Barracks are dead. It's a promotion game, so don't expect to much.There just three different small area: The forest that we start on, a small cave which is a home for the equipment-seller dwarf and a castle / catacomb for final place. The game only takes just about one hour to beat. We find Sonia's son's ring, she gives us the key for catacomb, we enter it, slay the final boss, find Sword Of Moonlight and the game ends. But I'm saying again: Short but sweet!

The game is fully same with KF3 on gameplay wise. They even share same soundtracks. But i sensed some little differences. It seems like we are moving a little faster than final version (especially during running), bad status effects wears of quicker and i couldn't find any hidden traps/doors/areas. So graphics and gameplay has the same quality with the final product.

For the final words, it's a "must play" for all KF fans. There is only japanese release of the game but thanks to weissvulf, he translated the entire game in English. So have fun!

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DRAGON BALL ORIGINS (NDS)                           [undub hack by Lyzard]

My close friend Lyzard hacked this game and turned it into a undubbed version for US release. Who likes english voice acting in the animes anyway? You can download the hacked iso from here.

Download Link